Jillian Michaels DVDs reviewed

Some Amazing DVD's by JM:

No More Trouble-Zones is my favorite of the three by JM-It is also the hardest IMOHO. Do this if you need to get into shape FAST. It is a full body workout that I believe is about 50 minutes. She really does focus on the wobbliest bits that most women have-you know glutes, triceps and abs. I was a little suprised at how hard this was. Now I know how the people on Biggest Loser drop like, 20 pounds in one day. I got my boyfriend(who is a Triathlete) to do this with me and we had sweat on our mats. Cellulite, muffintops, thunder thighs will vanish. But like she says, you can't phone it in" in other words, you actually have to DO the whole workout for there to be a change.
The second one is Banish Fat Boost Metabolism-I like this because it is an aerobics and toning video that is a little easier than the other two-I haven't done this one as much as the other two Jillians I own, but it has its place if you want some cario and don't want to go outside due to rainy weather or whatever.

The fantastic Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred-has three workouts at graduated levels, only 20 minutes each. Levels are from beginner to advanced.
The thing is, since they are all only 20 minutes, you can psych yourself into going to amore advance workout -eg the third one. IF you DARE!! I do one segment and go for a run.

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