The Awesome Lure of Amazon Prime!!

I have "ummmm"- a slight addiction for Amazon.com, and more specifically, ordering exercise DVD's. It almost got to the point that I had to hide the boxes before my boyfriend got home. Some people are addicted to alcohol, some to pills, others to terrible life-wrecking recreational drugs such as cocaine or heroin, I however, dear friends, suffer from the sweet, sweet lure of the "two day one-click button" or..the even more dreadful "$3.99 next day one click button" Ohhhhhhh... the rush and thrill of such power at the tip of your fingers.

Also as a sidenote-it is no wonder that Borders on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago is going out of business...what was once my destination of choice before I discovered Amazon. An exercise DVD I found for $10.99 on Amazon retailed for $14.99 at Borders..oh and not to mention Chicago's insane sales taxes. So let's see...maybe I am not an addicted shopaholic as much as I am a smart and savvy shopper....

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