New in my SHOP!!!



Black Lace Lariat Necklace!!

Newest item in my shop!! Checkout this Beautiful Black Lace Lariat Necklace!!


New Items in my Shop!!!

Something new in my shop...also more items arriving shortly. I have ordered a ton of beads and findings from Istanbul and cannot wait to begin creating new designs.

Here are a lovely pair of earrings from my shop...


Sexy Pink Ruffle Latex

Pink. Ruffled. Sexy. Latex. Words you don't see together often. This is probably one of my favorite items on Etsy.

Etsy Items I Love!!!!

I love this shrug- wear a lot of black and would get a lot of use out of this in the summer!


Shrimp Ceviche

In welcoming the warmer and undeniably more beautiful weather, I have decided to make a lovely Shrimp Ceviche for our dinner tonight. Bon Appetit!!
Here is a link to the recipe, which is quite easy:

Some Yoga DVDs reviewed

Denise Austin-Yoga Body Burn

Best for when you are in a hurry and you do not want to get all New Age-y. EVERY SINGLE POSE in this DVD is my absolute favorite. The first time I did I would be thinking-"I hope she does Dancers Pose"-and she did it. Then "I hope she does Pigeon Pose," and she did it... this happened throughout the DVD. Warrior 1,2, and 3 and Sun Salutations. I do the whole DVD at once and feel that I am getting more than an adequate workout. Sometimes I go for a run and then use this as a stretch and tone afterwards. The yoga poses are great for runners-they stretch you out just where you need it.

However DO NOT get this if you are new to yoga, she does not explain well or give good cuing. This is a very fast-paced Vinyasa style yoga. A few of the asanas are quite advanced, and some poses are not held static but rather repeated vigourously for an almost aerobic workout.

I was pleasantly suprised at how challenging this was. Absolutely love it and consider it a MUST Have for Mid-Level Yogis or Yoginis that are not toatlly into spiritual side of yoga.

Kundalini yoga w/Gurmukh

Another one of my favorite DVDs is Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh. I have been doing this off and on for years. It is THE BEST for resetting and maintaining youth and vitality, especially for anyone living in a big city. I feel lighter and even younger after doing this and always enjoy revisting this one after a week of running or biking on the Lakefront Path.

Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Beyond

This DVD is really different and pretty cool. It relieves your body of toxins very effectively. One section-The Five Tibeten Rites are very effective, but be warned!! I got totally sick and nauseous doing this. Probably because I like to drink a glass of wine or two or maybe three every so often. The effects are supposed to be amazing, but so far is not heavy in rotation due to the feeling I got. I had to lay down for about an hour after doing this section of the DVD. However..I am currently doing a detox with my boyfriend and my system is a bit cleaner these days. . I will repost a review after doing again. Also-the instructor Ana's body is just sick!! Very inspiring and have a couple of other of their DVDs. This one is at the top of my list.

Jillian Michaels DVDs reviewed

Some Amazing DVD's by JM:

No More Trouble-Zones is my favorite of the three by JM-It is also the hardest IMOHO. Do this if you need to get into shape FAST. It is a full body workout that I believe is about 50 minutes. She really does focus on the wobbliest bits that most women have-you know glutes, triceps and abs. I was a little suprised at how hard this was. Now I know how the people on Biggest Loser drop like, 20 pounds in one day. I got my boyfriend(who is a Triathlete) to do this with me and we had sweat on our mats. Cellulite, muffintops, thunder thighs will vanish. But like she says, you can't phone it in" in other words, you actually have to DO the whole workout for there to be a change.
The second one is Banish Fat Boost Metabolism-I like this because it is an aerobics and toning video that is a little easier than the other two-I haven't done this one as much as the other two Jillians I own, but it has its place if you want some cario and don't want to go outside due to rainy weather or whatever.

The fantastic Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred-has three workouts at graduated levels, only 20 minutes each. Levels are from beginner to advanced.
The thing is, since they are all only 20 minutes, you can psych yourself into going to amore advance workout -eg the third one. IF you DARE!! I do one segment and go for a run.

The Awesome Lure of Amazon Prime!!

I have "ummmm"- a slight addiction for Amazon.com, and more specifically, ordering exercise DVD's. It almost got to the point that I had to hide the boxes before my boyfriend got home. Some people are addicted to alcohol, some to pills, others to terrible life-wrecking recreational drugs such as cocaine or heroin, I however, dear friends, suffer from the sweet, sweet lure of the "two day one-click button" or..the even more dreadful "$3.99 next day one click button" Ohhhhhhh... the rush and thrill of such power at the tip of your fingers.

Also as a sidenote-it is no wonder that Borders on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago is going out of business...what was once my destination of choice before I discovered Amazon. An exercise DVD I found for $10.99 on Amazon retailed for $14.99 at Borders..oh and not to mention Chicago's insane sales taxes. So let's see...maybe I am not an addicted shopaholic as much as I am a smart and savvy shopper....

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