The Whole Foods in Lincoln Park-Chicago

Have you been to the Whole Foods in Lincoln Park yet-it is the Third largest Whole Foods in the World. Next to Austin and one in London UK. We have been riding our bikes there on the weekends-usually taking Halsted all the way down and crossing over to Kingsbury. The last time I hung out on Kingsbury was when I was going to danceclubs all the time(mostly while underage-SHHHH) and hanging out at the Crobar Nightclub there. I would dance for hours!! Anyway... it is nice to know that I have another healthier alternative right near my old stomping grounds. Seriously..if you live in Chicago..you should check out this store. Things I saw at first glance: Gorgeous Wine bar, separate from the other bar which has craft brews and serves fresh kombucha tea on tap, specialty cheese section, olive bar, seafood bar, too many soups to count, an AMAZING salad bar...and little eateries with chicago style names-which include Mexican food, Pizza, Italian, sushi, and much more. I want to "accidentally get trapped in the store alone all night. No Really I Do!!"

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